Friday, February 28, 2014

A Chambray Playdate Dress

I've had this dress rattling around in my head for a couple months now. I thought the paring of this pattern with chambray would be really fun.

I also had some mini pompom trim I'd purchased several months ago. This was my first time using a pompom trim, and it was really fun! I also decided to modify the yoke to include pintucks, rather than the ruffles specified on the pattern. I used a size 2 for the length and size 12-18 months for the width, because my girl is a little skinny one :)

I swapped out the Playdate dress sleeves for the 3/4 gathered sleeves from the Apple Picking dress. I've made the Playdate dress a couple times before, and while I like the sleeve design included in the pattern, I've found it doesn't fit my skinny mini little one very well. I think she's too narrow in the shoulder for the design, so I swapped them out and I like the change. It also gave me the opportunity to use the pompom trim in the sleeve can never have too much pompom trim!

I basted the pompom trim to the yoke before placing it on the bodice. Then I topstitched it down and pulled out the basting stitches. I found this worked pretty well.

I like how it turned out. It's kind of simple, a little old-fashioned, but still modern. I'm glad I got it out of my head and into a finished product!