Thursday, April 17, 2014

An Easter dress and a thank you!

This year, we're killing two birds with one stone. My brother is getting married next weekend and Easter is this weekend, so I thought I'd make a dress that would work for both occasions. 

The wedding colors are aqua and....uh, aqua, and I've had this fabric in my stash for a couple years, originally purchased for me (oh, the sacrifices you make as a mom ;). I thought it would pair well with the Oliver + S Fairy Tale dress.

I've made this pattern a couple times before and I really love it. The construction is so clever and the style is just classic little girl. I actually made two of these, one for the bigger girl and one for the baby. By the time I got done with the baby's dress, I was getting pretty fast at it! The methods result in a dress that is fully lined with a tulle underskirt for extra poof :)

I've got a fairly uncooperative model again, complete with oatmeal around her mouth and a fake credit card from the day's junk mail for entertainment. Classy, huh?  :)

In spite of the expressions, she actually does love the dress and requests to wear it for part of most days. 

I'm a lousy blogger (if you read this, bless you!), but there are some really kind people out there in the blogging world. Shelley or Lightning McStitch (that is the greatest name!) from Bartacks and Singletrack gave me a Liebster award back in March, which was so kind of her. Shelley is an amazing and prolific sewist. I especially envy her Weekend Getaway dress. Thanks so much, Shelley!

Asmita from elephant in the study gave me the Liebster blog award as well. Check out her blog for her gorgeous creations. This little dress made from Heather Ross' strawberry print is wonderful! Thank you Asmita!

I know I'm breaking the rules by not passing it on, but I do want to thank both of these kind ladies for reading my poorly attended-to blog!