Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Remodel Part 2: The Baby Room/Sewing Room

So here's another section of the remodel.  This room was originally really disgusting.  It was super dirty and had a weird closet addition, plus a window that had been blocked off when they added a garage.  They didn't bother to remove the window moulding, so it just looked like an obviously blocked-off window

We ripped out the carpet to expose the original wood floor underneath.  It was in fairly decent shape (I guess the filthy carpet did some good) but still needed to be refinished.

We repainted, added new base board, ripped off the blocked-off window moulding and repaired the wall, primed and repainted everything.

Testing paint colors...

Now, it doubles as the baby's room and sewing room.  I found the dresser in the house and it was pretty beat up, with peeling white paint over brown paint.  I primed and repainted it, then put a coat of polyurethane sealer to protect it.

I made the little bunting to go above the crib out of fabrics I had in my stash.  I think it adds a fun touch.

Here's the sewing section of the room.  I have my serger, my Bernina 830 and my Singer 201 set up.  I sometimes switch out my Berninas, just for fun, because I love them both.

The Singer 201...this was a birthday present last year that I bought from a man who had refurbished it.  My sisters and mom helped me refinish the case last summer.  It is such a great little machine.  It's a straight stitch only machine, but I have honestly never seen such nice stitch quality before, even on my Berninas.

The Bernina 830 and the Juki 654DE.  I love both these machines as well.  My husband and his brother made the thread rack for me, and it's super useful.

My dad made me this little sewing box a long time ago, probably 15 years ago.  He modeled it after one my mom had seen her grandma use when she was small.  It's got a little drawer to keep buttons or notions in, a thimble in front, spindles to hold thread, pincushion wings and a scissor beak.  It's one of my favorite sewing things ever.


  1. Oh my, big difference!! It looks so wonderful now, I can't believe how bad it looked before if I didn't see the pictures. Job well done!

  2. Oh, that peek into the baby room from the hallway is pure perfection! Wonderful.

  3. What a lovely space you have made. And that sewing box your dad made? Awesome!

  4. Thanks! It was a lot of work, but is a huge improvement and we're really enjoying it!

  5. You have done a fab job - the baby's side is just perfect! And the sewing side is so tidy :-)
    And I love the sewing box your dad made you - very special

  6. Beautiful! Isn’t it an incredible feeling to look at these photos and see no marks of its past? I love especially love the baby’s room. Pastel colors will definitely help your child’s mood to lighten up.

    - Terence Watthens