Thursday, October 18, 2012

Figgy's Nituna Jacket as a Winter Coat

Well, being totally on top of things like I am (insert sarcasm here), I'm getting around to blogging about the fall Kids Clothing Week Challenge (KCWC) that I participated in.  I worked on a couple different projects, and here's one of them.

I loved the Figgy's Nituna Jacket pattern as soon as I saw it.  I thought it would make a really cute little winter coat, and I have had a piece of magenta wool in my stash for some time that I thought would work perfectly.  When I finally got around to digging it out, it was a little lighter weight than I had remembered it being.  It wouldn't have made a very warm winter coat, but the color was really great.  So I decided to interline it with flannel, as well as lining it with flannel, so I would get a double layer of flannel warmth.

To interline it, I just cut a piece out of the outer wool fabric, then an additional piece out of a piece of plaid flannel I had in my stash, then placed the wool (right side out) on top of the flannel.  I then pinned them together and basted them on my sewing machine, using my walking foot so the layers didn't shift.  You could also hand baste the pieces together.  I then sewed the jacket, treating the basted-together pieces as one.  The light blue patterned flannel you see in the photos is the lining, which is another layer.  The flannel interlining isn't visible in the photos.

The sizing of this pattern starts at 18 months, and even though Miss S is 22 months, she is a little small.  I looked at the measurements on the pattern envelope and decided that the 18 month size would be too big, so I graded down a size.  I think that was the right choice, because this size seems plenty big.

I chose to do the lined version of the jacket, not the reversible version, but used the patch pockets rather than the welt pockets.  It is actually really a simple pattern to sew.  There's nothing tricky about it.  You essentially sew two simple shells (lining and outer fabric), then sew them together using the bagged method described in the instructions.  The instructions are good and result in a well-finished product.

I also chose to topstitch around the hood and outside edges and hem at 1/2", rather than edgestitching as the pattern instructed.  The pattern includes a Figgy's "Made with Love" label, which is a cute touch.  I also used covered buttons on this, same as I used on the Sunday Brunch jacket.  I just kind of love the look of covered buttons.  It gives such a nice finish.

I would have loved to include some model photos, but I have a rather stubborn little model who wouldn't have anything to do with this coat.  I'm hoping she gets past that, because I'd really prefer that she actually wear the clothes I sew for that too much to ask?  Anyway, we'll see how things go :)

I've got a couple other things I finished for KCWC that I'll post soon...I know, I'm totally on top of things ;)


  1. I LOVE THIS JACKET! She will too once it starts to get chilly outside. Great work!

  2. Gorgeous Jacket! It's impeccably finished.

  3. Such a gorgeous coat!! The color is so lovely!

  4. This is beautiful!! Love that you warmed it up a bit with the interlining.

  5. Brittany, you are basically amazing in every way. I love it.

  6. nice color coat!its really looking amazing to wear good quality winter jackets in variety of colors with stylish boots!

  7. What a gorgeous coat! I love the fabrics you chose.

  8. so cute, I love sewing for toddlers. I made my granddaughter a little jacket size 2 last year. It was reverseable purple with pinky polka dots on one side and white with autumn and lime leaves on the other side. So pretty. The sleeves rolled back to show the "other" side a touch and the hood lining also showed the reverse. Colorful and practical too. With the sleeves rolling up I think she will get another year out of it with them unrolled.