Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Puppet Show Shorts for KCWC

These Oliver + S Puppet Show Shorts are the other two items I made for KCWC.  I made this pattern three times last summer and loved them.  This year, I made them in 12-18 month size.

The first pair is black/white woven linen from Joann.  I bought up several pieces of this a few years ago and I really love it.  It's quite lightweight and the weave gives it a really great texture.

I actually used the same fabric and same trim for this pair as a pair I made last year.  They went with everything and Miss S wore them and wore them.  

These shorts go together surprisingly quickly.  There are only five pieces: the legs, pockets, pocket trim, waistband and leg binding.  They are such a fun, easy sew, especially after you've made them a few times.

The next pair are made from a medium weight chambray, also from Joann a few years ago, with a trim left over from a shirt I made last month (which I will hopefully get around to posting).  Again, these went together really quickly.  I actually didn't participate in KCWC according to the rules.  I sewed these shorts on Tuesday and Wednesday, and they took about 1 1/2 to 2 hours each.  Then I sewed the Jumprope Dress on Thursday and Friday and it took probably 3 hours total.  I didn't sew on Saturday or Sunday or Monday, because there was too much going on.  So even though I didn't follow the rules exactly, I still got some summer things made that I needed to make, so I'd consider it a success :)

Miss S loves the pockets.  She puts her cars in them :)

I'm planning to make about three more pairs of these shorts for summer.  They are really so fast and fun to make, and I love the result.


  1. These shorts are lovely! I am thinking of making them next KCWC when the weather is warming up here. I can see them getting a lot of use.