Thursday, May 10, 2012

Remodel Part 3: The Kitchen

So, here the third installment in the remodel series :)  The kitchen...

The before pictures speak for themselves pretty well.  The cabinets were very yellow and the walls were a kind of sickly pink, a little like a tropical a bad way :)  The layout was also not great.  There was a lot of wasted space.  The refrigerator went next to the stove and there were some weird shelves with nothing below them, as you can see on the left side of the kitchen.  Again, this photo makes it look a lot bigger than it is, even though it's not ultra tiny in real life.

Another photo of the those cabinets, right?

One addition to the house that was actually really great was this bay window.  It provided a lot of extra light and a great place to put the table.  It still needed some work though.

We tore out all the cabinets, the floor (it was a really weird masonary floor that was super cracked, like all over), and the wall that the sink was on, so we could redo plumbing and electrical.

Also tore out the bench in the window seat area...

Now, pictures of the remodeled kitchen!  The cabinets were again built by Davis Mill and Cabinet, my dad's company and are knotty cherry wood, with a stain and glaze.

We added a dishwasher (which is great!), all new appliances, new tile floor, new sink, new granite countertops, new paint and new window seat.

In the area which originally just had random shelves on the walls, we put the fridge, as well as a nice big pantry cabinet.  It added a lot of valuable storage to the kitchen.

The window seat got revamped to match the rest of the kitchen and is a great place for the table now.

I'm really loving the new kitchen.  The setup works well for just our small family, but also expands pretty well for larger dinners with extended family and friends.


  1. Double DANG!!! That is one super sweet awesome kitchen, Brit! i'll admit. I kinda liked the old cabinets. But in a sort of fun-vintage-but really-ugly-in-real-life sort of way :) So impressed and also super jealous of your bay window. Fantastic job!

  2. Whoa! Didn't expect such an amazing transformation! I bet you're loving it. Definitely an improvement from that first kitchen of yours, right? ;)

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  4. So you got rid of the color yellow huh? Nice. I love what you did with your walls. The color you picked made your kitchen look more relaxing and huge. Your new cabinets are truly wonderful. I love it. It gives your kitchen an impressive appeal. Your dining area also had an incredible transformation. Mealtime will definitely be more enjoyable for the whole family.

    Kristopher Diss