Friday, May 18, 2012

More Puppet Show Shorts!

I decided to make Miss S a whole batch of Oliver + S Puppet Show Shorts, since they're perfect for summer and go together really quickly (plus they're super cute!).  I had made a couple pair already for KCWC, and I already had the pattern out, so I went to town.  I love putting together the fabric combinations for these, because there are some fun options for using contrasting trims.

The first pair is a gray printed quilting cotton from my local quilt shop, with a bright pink polka dot trim.

Next is a cotton plaid that I got on the clearance table at Hancock Fabrics.  It's super soft and lightweight and the colors are really fun.  I always love sewing with plaid when you can use some of it on the bias for trim :)

Then I made another pair of linen shorts, because I love the look of linen and it's a pleasure to sew with.  I also got this linen from the clearance table at Hancock.  It's a dark grayish brown, and I used a pink plaid (again on the bias) for the trim.

The last pair is an Oliver + S Cape Ann print from my local quilt shop, again with the bright pink polka dot trim.

I think these take me a little over 1 1/2 hours each to sew, which is not too bad.  I bought a bunch of cute, bright onesies from Target, because they're so easy and fairly cool for little ones to wear in the summer, so I tried to make the shorts to coordinate with them.  I've got one more pair of Puppet Show Shorts in the works and we should be done with necessary summer sewing.  Then we can get on to less necessary sewing...


  1. These are all really, really cute! I especially like the linen ones...I've got to do what you just did and crank out a bunch of these! Great work..

  2. I'm working on a batch too! My favorite is the plaid and the linen with the pink topstitching. Great job on all of them!

  3. I love the combinations. They are so cute!