Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First Tova Top (Finally!)

Way back in May, I was super, super busy with a high pressure contract design project I was doing from home while my baby slept.  And she didn't sleep very all.  I was really stressed out and was having an incredibly difficult time trying to keep up with everything I needed to do.  I had absolutely no time to sew, so instead of sewing, I bought patterns and fabric.  Awesome, huh?  :P

One of the patterns I bought (and I blame this mostly on the pressure and lack of time to relax :/ ) was the Tova top.  I had seen quite a few versions floating around the web and everyone said it was really hard to get your hands on the pattern, because the availability was very limited.  So when I saw it was up for sale, I bought it.  It was definitely more than I would normally spend for a pattern, but I really liked it, and I may not have been completely sane at that point in time.  I finally (after 6 months) got around to sewing a version.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  It's very comfortable and fairly flattering for a flowy top.  It went together really quickly and the fit was right on.  I sewed size XS in a cotton voile that I got from Fashion Fabrics Club.

One reason I think this pattern works so well is because the shoulders are well fitted, and the armholes are cut high.  So even though it is flowy and loose, it's not big and floppy all over.  I've made some wadders that were floppy...very floppy...

 All in all, I like this pattern a lot.  I've got another in the works, out of a cranberry, gray and yellow plaid flannel.  I guess I'd better make a few more to make my pattern investment worthwhile :)

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