Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oliver + S: After School Top and Jeans

I was excited to get this pattern when it came out, because I was looking for a basic top and pants, with some cute details, like Oliver + S is famous for.  I sewed both the top and pants in size 6-12 months.

I found this red print at my local quilt shop.  It's from the Henry Glass Anthology line.  I love this color of red, but generally look awful in it myself, so I decided to use it to make Miss S a cute little top.  The scale was better for little people clothes, anyway :)

I used flower shaped mother-of-pearl buttons for the front and back closures.  I got them from the same Etsy seller that I've bought a lot of my other buttons from.  I like that they echo the shape of the little flowers in the print.

The pattern went together pretty quickly.  It was drafted beautifully and all the parts together well.  I was a little disappointed in the fit of the finished product, though.  It is not the fault of the pattern, it's just that I think this style is probably better suited to larger sizes.  The neckline was a little wide (no doubt to get it over babies proportionately-very-large heads), so when being worn, it looks a little too large.  I do love the style, and will definitely try it again when Miss S is a little bigger.

I made the little pants out of a lightweight blackish denim.  I ended up shortening them a little, which I probably should have done before I cut the pattern pieces, as the piece at the bottom side of the legs ended up much shorter than was originally designed in the pattern.  I'll have to try to remember that next time...

I love the little details on these jeans.  Aren't the ruffled pockets cute? :)

I used a heavy topstitching thread on these pants, the same as I used on the Sailboat Skirts.  It makes them look more jeans-like.  I think this pattern would work equally as well in a lighterweight fabric for less jeans-looking pants.

All in all, I think this is a really cute outfit, but it probably won't get much wear from Miss S, due to the wide neck on the top, and the fact that I usually dress her in knit type pants while she is still little for comfort.  I'll definitely pull this one out again as she gets a little older.


  1. Thanks Camille! They were really fun to sew :)

  2. So sweet! I love the red fabric and your buttons are perfect~~

  3. Yes, do keep this pattern in mind as your little one grows. I put my daughter (who just turned 4) in her pants today and they are perfect for a busy young child. Very sturdy made up in jeans or twill (mine were made in twill) and will wear well.

  4. I found your blog/pics on Flickr. I wasn't convinced about this pattern, but after seeing these pants, you've convinced me. They're cute as can be!

  5. Thanks Leah!

    kslaughter: Thank you! It was so fun to sew, even if it didn't fit quite right :)

    Sarah: I will definitely keep it in mind. I saw the version you sewed and it's great!

    Jen: Thanks! I'm glad you liked the pants. It's so nice to be able to see other people's creations. I'm always so inspired by the creativity out there. I suppose that's why my pattern stash grows at such an alarming rate :)